Bentlor Furniture started on the 1st August 1984. It has grown from a small family business to become the market leaders in the design and manufacture of Children’s bedroom Furniture. Bentlor Furniture have invested a great amount of time and money into State of the art Machinery and Computer software to run the manufacturing side of the business. Our backup service is second to none in the Industry.

Our Company Objectives are:

1) To serve the furniture industry, by manufacture, marketing and supplying furniture to our customers throughout Australia

2) To develop and promote an economical range of standardised furniture, which are functional and of a high quality standard and price, acceptable to all customers.

3) To search for new and better materials, methods and material to be used to design furniture of the highest standard.

4) To create working conditions, remuneration, opportunities for job satisfaction, development and advancement and continuity of employment for all personnel at a higher standard as provided by other companies.

5) To offer a back up service to the consumer second to none in the Furniture Industry.

6) To earn a reputation for complete reliability of the furniture and integrity, by the maintenance of these objectives.

7) To provide to the shareholders a sustained and reasonable return on funds invested.

We are the only manufacturer that has taken the assembly, finishing and delivery to the Retailer by having Finishing Factories in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with Head Office based in Wollongong.

These Finishing Factories have been set up using Franchises. This has allowed us to expand our Business base without losing quality control. Currently Bentlor Furniture have Seven Franchisee’s. Four in NSW, One in Brisbane, One in Melbourne and one in Perth.

Bentlor Furniture is a member of the Quality Tested Products Program. We are also a member of the FIAA in NSW.